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New to Net?

Are you new to New England Translations? Use code “NW5” when asking for a first quote or placing a first order, and we’ll be pleased to offer you a 5% discount on your first firm order as a “try us” welcome gift over and above any other discounted prices that may apply regardless of language combination or project size. Click here to send us an email.

Welcome to New England Translations!

It is not just the visual culture that dominates contemporary communication - the power of the word is also fundamental. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, yet the text remains essential for the successful communication of your message.

Ever more people are becoming interconnected around the world. Therefore, communicating correctly is also vital. Because your message has an immense reach. An incorrect nuance can have disastrous international consequences.

And what happens when your message needs to be translated correctly into a different language? For this, you need a professional translation partner.

New England Translations makes all the difference in this respect.

Quality at affordable prices

How do we succeed in this? With an experienced team of in-house employees who have all followed a translation/language course on the one hand, and an international network of freelance translators on the other hand. They are all specialized native speakers and they guarantee personalized service and quality control. Furthermore, an efficient organization keeps our prices competitive.

“We need the translation yesterday...”

Our sound infrastructure guarantees top speed with no loss of quality.

A successful player on the translation market for over 20 years

We therefore like to characterize ourselves as reliable and experienced. We hope that we can be of service to you in the near future!

Virtual Tour

Click below to view a video about Data Translations Int. Get to know some of our translators and learn more about the translation services that we offer.

The video is in French with English subtitles. If these subtitles do not automatically appear, hover on the up arrow in the video playback bar while the video is playing and then click the CC button.

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