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Typical documents we have translated for our manufacturing clients include:

  • Audits
  • Brochures and promotional literature
  • Diagrams
  • Health and safety documents
  • Manuals
  • Product releases
  • Technical specifications

Specialized network

Technical translations for manufacturers come with their own set of requirements. In the case of a manual for a potentially life-saving machine, it is especially important that terms be translated consistently throughout and that the text be understandable to the target audience. This need for consistency and readability is not limited to medical device manufacturers only, however, and this is why we have built up a network of technical experts who through their educational background or specialization are especially well-suited for technical translation, be it related to the automotive, construction, engineering or medical industries, to name just a few.

A typical technical translation team consists of a translator and proofreader with subject matter expertise, both of whom have access to any client-specific glossaries we are given at the start of a project or that we build up over multiple projects. Translators and proofreaders use translation software to ensure that all of their work is captured for future reference and updated as need be, and available to project managers the next time they assign a project for you. Finally, we can work with most file types, so ask us if you have a specific program related to your company needs that you would like us to use!

Some of our clients

Astro-Med - Boeing International - Checkolite - Cynosure - Dienes - Hitachi Europe - Honeywell Batteries - Kop-Coat Marine - LoJack - MacNeill Engineering - Mehron - Nexera Medical - Rainin Instrument - Samsung - Sentinel Products - Siemens - Sony BMG - Toyota - Transonic Systems - Vectron Int. - Ventura Tape - Volvo

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