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Why Work With Us?

Focus on translation

Translation is our core business, and we are experts in this field. How does it work? A good translation begins with the right choice of translator.

Translators aren't super-human. No matter how many foreign languages they master, they can only translate accurately into their native language. In addition, no translator can be expected to cover all fields. Every experienced translator has specialized in one or more fields over the years: legal, technical, medical, financial, etc. We are always on the lookout for such people.

New England Translations has a worldwide network of hundreds of carefully selected translators. This means we can always find the translators you need.


Project management

We manage our projects using highly efficient software. Among other things, this system enables all employees to see the status of your project at a glance, so you can get in touch with us for an update at any time.


The person in question is able to consult essential infomration about your projects quickly and easily, for example your preferred translators, instructions for projects that are underway or feedback about delivered translations.



Translation software

Your translation is always done by real people, but technology can lend a hand. We use the latest in translation software, which allows us to build translation memories and glossaries that are specific to you.

Translation memories: save money by never having to pay for the same sentence twice! Translation memories also increase efficiency and consistency.

Glossaries: the right word in the right place, always. Translation glossaries allow the translator to preview automatic translation suggestions and respect your in-house glossary or other terminology lists. As a result, a particular term in a particular context will always be translated in the same way.



Quality control

Delivering an excellent translation every time requires constant quality control, and we are proud to be EN 15038 compliant through adoption of the practices that earned our parent company, Data Translations Int., its EN 15038 certification. European standard 15038 determines the conditions a translation agency must satisfy in order to produce high-quality translations. The audit includes a thorough inspection of the procedures for project management, managing and providing feedback to freelance translators, and selecting and evaluating translators and proofreaders. It also looks at IT capacity, the procedures for quality control, communication and follow-up with the customer, and the methods used for analyzing, allocating, processing, and delivering translation requests up to and including the archiving of assignments.

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