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Proofreading Services

A standard service you can expect

We believe that a translation is best done by someone who not only enjoys the challenge inherent in translation but is also exceptionally qualified to accurately convey the meaning of a source text into his or her native language. For this reason, all of our translators are carefully screened, which means that you can always be sure that any translation we provide is of extremely high quality, whether it is done by an ATA-certified translator with years of full-time experience or a bilingual lawyer, technical writer, professor or other qualified individual screened by us. Please do not hesitate to let us know your preference, as we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

While extreme care is taken with each translation, we offer independent proofreading as a standard service in recognition of the fact that two pairs of eyes are always better than one.

Independent proofreaders are always native speakers of the target language and help us deliver flawless translations every time.

A stand-alone service if you prefer!

You can always call on our services for proofreading work only. Perhaps you already have a translation, but not one made by a native speaker, and you want to have any imperfections in it fixed and the text made generally more fluent? We can certainly help you in this situation. We have an extensive pool of native speakers who can improve the text both linguistically and stylistically.

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