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Translations Quality Control

Delivering an excellent translation every time requires constant quality control. This quality control rests on two pillars.

Selection of internal and external translators

We offer a high-quality team of in-house Dutch, French and English translators. We also make use of experienced freelancers who are thoroughly tested on quality and reliability. Thanks to our project management system, we can always find a specialized translator for every project.


Let us become your trusted language and communication partner!

We always appreciate feedback regarding the quality of our translations. It’s only through your feedback that we can fine-tune texts to your wishes in terms of style and terminology. As a result, our translations soon won’t require any additional check at your end, which saves you time and money!

We will always take a very detailed look at any feedback you care to send us. We use it to update our glossary and translation memory, both of which are specific to your company. This contributes greatly towards ensuring faultless quality in the future.

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