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Translation is our core business, and we are experts in this field. How does it work? A good translation begins with the choice of the right translator.

Translators aren’t super-human. No matter how many foreign languages they master, they can only translate accurately into their native language. In addition, no translator can be expected to cover all fields. Every experienced translator has specialized in one or more fields over the years: legal, technical, medical, financial, etc. We are always on the lookout for such people.

Thanks to our extensive network of specialized freelancers and partner translation agencies, we can handle every discipline and language combination at competitive prices. We translate contracts, technical manuals, judgments, websites, press releases, annual reports, menus, slogans and brochures from the widest variety of sectors.

Do you need a translation in which the cultural, social or political references are replaced by equivalent alternatives from the world of the translated text’s reader? If so, New England Translations will call on the services of translators who are 100% up-to-date with the socio-cultural and political environment in the countries of the source and target languages alike. And remember, with our parent company located in Brussels, the heart of the European Union, assembling a team of native speaking translators and prooferaders in each of the 25 languages of the EU is what we do best.

Translation Process

All projects are assigned to a team of three: translator, proofreader and project manager. Responsible for selecting the most appropriate translator for your project and ensuring that all deadlines and instructions have been correctly communicated and followed, the project manager is your essential point of contact. Feel free to raise as many questions as you want at the start of the process and throughout, and to demand the best: your satisfaction is our project managers' end goal.

Proofreaders assist project managers in their quest for your complete satisfaction: not only are proofreaders rated for each project they complete, they are also responsible for rating the translators whose work they review. This constant assessment of quality, efficiency, thoroughness and respect for deadlines results in a top-notch resource database.  

Language List

Afrikaans - Albanian - Arabic - Armenian - Azerbaijani - Balinese - Bengali - Bulgarian - Burmese - Catalan - Chinese (Simplified) - Chinese (Traditional) - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dutch - Finnish - French - Georgian - German - Greek - Gujarati - Haitian Creole - Hebrew - Hungarian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Javanese - Kannada - Khmer - Korean - Kurdish - Malay - Malayalam - Marathi - Norwegian - Pashto - Persian - Polish - Portuguese (Brazil) - Portuguese (Portugal) - Punjabi - Quechua - Romanian - Russian - Serbian - Slovak - Somali - Spanish - Swahili - Swedish - Tagalog - Tajik - Tamil - Telugu - Thai - Turkish - Ukrainian - Urdu - Uzbek - Vietnamese - Yiddish

Additional Translation Services

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