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Audio/Voiceover Services

Local Talent

We have an extensive database of experienced and professional voice talents. No matter the language you need, let us help you find the voice you are looking for. We work primarily with local talent based in New England and offer simple pricing solutions to help you budget any project, whether big or small.  

If you have a project ready to go right now, go ahead and contact us! We currently have local resources for:

Middle Eastern: Arabic - Hebrew

Asian: Bahasa Indonesian - Cape Verdean Creole - Mandarin - Cantonese - Gujarati - Hindi - Japanese - Kannada - Korean - Malayalam - Marathi - Punjabi - Russian - Tamil - Thai - Ukrainian - Urdu - Vietnamese -

African: Sotho - Swahili - Xhosa - Zulu

Caribbean: Haitian Creole

European: Danish - Dutch - Estonian - Flemish - Finnish - French - German - Greek - Italian - Latvian - Lithuanian - Norwegian - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Ukrainian - Yiddish

We are continually updating our local resource database so let us help you find the regional dialect you need - contact us if the language you need is not on this list! Our talent pool also extends beyond the Greater Boston area, so let us know if you simply need a recording in a foreign language and we'll take care of the rest.

When you choose New England Translations, you can be confident that you will be working only with experienced professionals who are native speakers in your desired recording language.

Additional services provided



Did you know?

If you have recorded material you'd like translated into another language, the first step will likely be transcription: someone will listen to the recording and provide a timed written transcript. Once the transcript has been translated into the target language, script editing may need to occur if the length of translated script has expanded and no longer fits within the required time intervals to be properly understood (voiceover/dubbing) or read (subtitling). What it takes ten syllables to say in English may very well take 20 in Japanese! We make sure that the final product we deliver is one you can share with the world in complete confidence.

(photo credit: Umer Saud)

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